Why protect your canvas prints with UV varnish?

Post print varnish otherwise known as canvas varnish or post-print coatings is designed to protect, preserve and enhance canvas photographic prints produced on digital inkjet printers.  Canvas varnish also protects against moisture, abrasion and also enhances prints by increasing density, which brightens the color of printed images in a vibrant way.

There are a few methods to accomplish the varnishing process. The most common method is using a high density foam roller to spread the varnish on the print.  The other popular method is simply spraying the protect-ant varnish on the print.

Here at our canvas photo lab, we believe that every canvas print that gets delivered is coated with liquid varnish for extra protection and gives it a vibrant look.  Our varnish is a satin based so what you get will not be overly glossy or too matte.  Just the perfect formula for fine arts or photography style display.

This varnish process is included as part of your canvas.  Another words there is no additional charge unlike many other canvas shops.



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